Cómo acceder al subsidio renta ciudadana

transito a renta ciudadana subsidio de 500 mil pesos

Renta cuidadana es un proyecto social que hace parte de prosperidad social hambre cero ¡Buenas noticias para las familias más vulnerables! el Gobierno Nacional dispuso la fecha para el lanzamiento del proyecto social subidio de 500 mil pesos llamandolo temporalmente transito a la renta ciudadana. los primeros desembolsos de este nuevo sistema de transferencias monetarias … Leer más

Bono de 500 mil para madres solteras

subsidio para madres solteras 2023 renta ciudadana

Obtén el subsidio para madres solteras en Colombia a través de Prosperidad Social Continua el pago del subsidio para madres solteras ofrecido por el Gobierno Nacional con sus proyectos comunitarios de desarrollo social de lucha contra el hambre, al tener en cuenta que el apoyo económico de ingreso solidario caduco el 31 de diciembre del … Leer más

‘Real Housewife’ Jen Shah should get 10 years in prison following guilty plea for wire fraud, feds say

The Justice Department is requesting a decade in prison for «The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City» star Jen Shah ahead of her Jan. 6 sentencing for running a nationwide telemarketing scheme targeting seniors, according to newly-filed court documents that also feature previously unreported victim impact statements from some of the elderly people she defrauded. … Leer más

CDC moves beyond the COVID emergency with new guidance

WASHINGTON — The day after a newly coronavirus-free President Biden embarked on a post-infection vacation to South Carolinathe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released revisions to pandemic guidance that clearly indicate a shift from the state-of-emergency approach that has been in place, at least on the federal level, since 2020. The new rules, unveiled … Leer más

How Much Exercise Do You Really Need?

Getting regular exercise is one of the most important things we can do to lower disease risk, manage weight, lift our moods, and promote mental clarity. Its impact on health and well-being is so beneficial that there’s really nothing else—no supplement, drug, diet, or device—that can replace it. Even something as simple as a brisk … Leer más

Researchers uncover potential climate change-nutrition connection in plant metabolism

Michigan State University researchers may have found a link between climate change and plant nutrition. Credit: Hermann Schachner via Wikimedia Commons (plant cells) / Mike Erskine via Unsplash (arid land) A new study from researchers at Michigan State University underscores that we still have a lot to learn regarding how plants will function—and how nutritious … Leer más

US deep freeze leaves more than 800,000 without power, thousands of flights canceled

Dec 24 (Reuters) – An arctic blast that gripped much of the United States on Saturday left more than 800,000 without power, at least 16 dead from weather-related car crashes and thousands stranded due to flight cancellations. Plummeting temperatures were expected to bring the coldest Christmas Eve on record, and energy systems across the country … Leer más

Connecticut offers an extra $430 per needy family in winter energy assistance amid ‘skyrocketing’ prices, bitter cold – Hartford Courant

A key energy assistance program for Connecticut families in need will allow them to apply for an extra $430 in aid this winter, Gov. Ned Lamont’s administration announced. This boosts the maximum potential aid any household could receive this winter through the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program from $1,890 to $2,320. The state Department of Social … Leer más

GMs Ross Atkins, Mike Hazen Share Details On Blue Jays/Diamondbacks Trade

After months of speculation and interest from multiple teams, the Diamondbacks finally traded one of their left-handed hitting outfielders and the Blue Jays finally moved one of their catchers. The two clubs joined forces Friday’s three-player deal that saw outfielder Daulton Varshaw head to Toronto in exchange for catcher Gabriel Moreno and outfielder Lourdes Gurriel … Leer más